Brand comparision

How is Dean different from Sony, Pioneer, JVC & Blaupunkt?

Dean is Android-based car music systems like a smartphone with Wi-Fi & Google Play store. Other Brands do not have an android operating system and generally don’t support Wi-Fi.


How is Dean different from similar Chinese products available in the market?

Dean is No.1 Brand in Android Car Music System. We use quality products, dedicated customer support, and installation support across India.


Android V/S Android Auto

How is Android is different from Android Auto/CarPlay ?

Android is operating system whereas Android Auto is an app by Google


Wi-fi & Playstore?
  • Dean Android Music system – Yes
  • Android Auto/ CarPlay – No
Internet apps like YouTube, Gaana, Sygic Maps , etc.?

Android Music system – Yes

Android Auto/CarPlay – No



Can I download apps in the system like in a smartphone/tablet?
  • Dean Android Music system – Yes
  • Android Auto/Apple CarPlay – No, in Android Auto/AppleCarplay you need to connect your mobile phone with car music system via USB Cable to access limited mobile apps



7'' VS 9/10'' Stereo

What is the difference between in 7 inch Models (Basic) and 9/10 inch Models (Smart, Prime, Supreme, Voice, Ultra And Ultimate Series)

7-inch Models are universal I.e you need to buy fascia frame and coupler specific to you car

9 and 10 -inch Models comes along with car-specific frame and coupler

9 and 10-inch Models look like company fitted Music System and enhance the interior look of your car

9 and 10-inch models are connected via coupler connectors (plug & play type), so warranty of your car will not void



What are the installation charges?

Installation Charges depend upon the car model and city. Generally, it is between 600-1200 for the installation of Car Stereo along with the Car Rear Camera.


Is home installation available?

Yes, we also provide home installation on request. Extra charges are 500-800 depending upon city, location and availability.


Can I get it install from somewhere else?

Yes, you can also get it to install it from any car accessories shop of your choice. There is no issue with the warranty of the product. Contact customer support (0130-4020460), if you need any assistance during installation.


Can I open the product before Installation?

Yes, you can open the product. Dean Infotainments trusts our customer more than anyone else. And if you send us an unboxing video, we would be glad!


Imortant about car

Does installing this system void my car's warranty?

9/10-inch Models – No issue with car’s warranty as it comes with coupler connectors (i.e. plug and play type, no wire cutting)

7-inch Models – Need to buy Car Coupler Connector separately to make ensure no wire is cut during installation. So, no issue with the car’s warranty.


What if product does not fit in my car?

Contact at [email protected] with your order details and reference image during installation. We will replace it with a compatible model.

If no model fits in your car, then you can return it and we will refund the full amount.


Will my car's inbuilt steering wheel buttons connect & work with the stereo?

9/10-inch systems – Yes, steering wheels will connect & work with the system. Connectors will also come included with the system.

7-inch system – In some cars it works. You will come to know only during installation only.


What is Fascia Frame? Do I need a Fascia Frame?

Fascia Frame is car specific side mould required to install car music system properly and neatly in your car

9/10 Inch Model – No need to buy. The system comes pre-fitted with the frame.

7 inch Model – Yes, need to buy separately, if you are changing company fitted system.


Do I need a coupler?

Coupler connector provides direct connectivity of the stereo with the car, so no wire cutting is done.

9/10 Inch Model – No need to buy. Comes along with the system.

7 inch Model – Yes, if you are changing the company fitted system or not using any other music system.


EMI & Payments

What payment options are available?

Cash On Delivery,Credit Card, EMI (Credit Card/Debit Card), Card Less EMI, Net Banking, Bank Transfer, Wallets.


Is cash on delivery (COD) available?

COD Avalible Upto 15000 Cart Amount.

Is Debit Card/ Credit Card Emi available?

Yes, Debit Card / Credit Card EMI is available.

To check the availability-

  1. Visit checkout page
  2. Proceed to make payment
  3. In EMI, select cards and enter your Credit/Debit card details
  4. If your Debit/Credit card is eligible, you see EMI Available -> View EMI Plans
  5. If your Debit/Credit card is not eligible, you see EMI unavailable -> Try other Debit/Credit Card or Make Full Payment or Choose COD.


How to check EMI plans?

As described in the point above.

At the payment page, you will see the EMI option, after filling the details you can check EMI plans offered by your bank/ finance provider

What if UPI is not working?

If there is issue in UPI payment, use a debit card, wallet, or net banking for Payment.


What if amount is deducted from my account and payment is failed?

The amount will be automatically refunded to your original payment method within 7 days. If you still face any issue contact our customer support.


Returns & Warranty

Can I return the product?

If there is any issue in the system or if you do not like it, then you can get it replaced with the same or another model.

You can return it if the product does not fit in your car.

When you replace the product?
  • If the product does not fit in your car.
  • Product is damaged or dead.
  • You do not like the product and want to replace it with another model.

You have to contact Dean customer support within 10 days of delivery for a replacement.

What if I do not like the product?

You can replace it with other model. You will have to pay the additional difference amount if the new replacement model is of a higher price.

You have to contact Dean Infotainments customer support (0130-4020460) within 10 days of delivery for a replacement.


When would I raise a refund request for return?

When the product does not fit in your car and we don’t have a compatible replacement for your car.

You have to contact Dean Infotainments customer support (0130-4020460) within 10 days of delivery for a replacement/return.


How to claim warranty?


To claim a warranty, you need to mail the issue along with the invoice and images/video of the problem at [email protected] or fill the support form:

You will get the support mail within 24 hrs.

What is the procedure for warranty?
  • Once your request is received,
  • Our technical team will call you
  • We have service partners in 3 cities & will provide the service from the service center. If the service center is not available in your city, then we will arrange the reverse pickup from your house.
  • We will repair the product and send it back to you.

List of cities where Service Centre is available, click here >

What if there is issue in the product after the warranty period?

The procedure remains the same, but you have to pay for the parts that are replaced or repaired.


Delivery And Shipping Related

How can I track my order?

You can check the status of your product from Track your order >

After the order is dispatched, the support team will mail the tracking details.

How much time it will take to Shipping And delivery?

In normal condition, we dispatch the products within 2 days of order and it will deliver Within 4-6 Days.


What is product is damaged or dead on arrival?

The customer needs to mail us at [email protected] with the invoice, images of damaged product, and video. We will pick up the damage and replace it with a new one.

You have to contact Dean customer support within 10 days of delivery for a replacement.


Navigation Related

Does it have online navigation?

Yes, Google Maps online navigation comes pre-installed in the system.


Can I use offline navigation?


Yes, you can use offline maps like, Google Maps offline map feature, Sygic maps, Navi-maps, or any other maps available in Google Playstore or available for Android devices.


Is offline map free?

You can use Google Maps offline map for free.

There are many apps available on Playstore that are free to use.


How to connect internet in the device?

You can connect the internet in the system via WiFi, mobile hotspot, or wi-fi dongle.


Can I buy Dean Infotainments products offline or from Dean Infotainments installation partners?

Yes You Can buy Offline From Our Store Which is located in Sonipat Haryana.

Store address:- Shop no, 2, Gohana Rd, near Panchayat Bhawan,Ashok Vihar, Sonipat, Haryana 131001
or search Dean Infotainments from google for location.

What if the product does not fit in my car?

You can get it replaced with another compatible model. If no model is compatible with your car, then you can return and get a full amount refund.


Can I connect this system with my car speakers, subwoofer with amplifier?

Yes, please read the product specifications and features carefully for compatibility.


Can I connect reverse camera & parking sensors with this system?

Yes, please read the product specifications and features carefully for compatibility.


Can I connect company fitted camera?

It depends upon the car. If it does not work, then you need to buy a camera connector separately for your car.


Can I use my existing inbuilt USB port?

It depends upon the car. In some cars, it works.

If not, then you need to buy a separate converter. We don’t recommend it, as Dean Infotainments Android Stereo comes with 2 USB ports. Those can be accessed from the Car Glove Box.